Simon’s eboard

I caught up with Simon a reader and commentator on this blog last weekend and had a go of this board.

20130908_101330 20130908_101258 20130908_101312 20130908_101244


He’s still working on refining the setup (aren’t we all) but he’s got a lot of run time in and is currently getting a 20km riding distance.

To run through some of the setup.

  • Abec11 Wheels,
  • Arbor Pintail bamboo deck
  • Caliber trucks – Which have a square profile which makes it better for the clamp style motor bracket)
  • Alien power systems larger drive cog (He got one of the early version)
  • Aluminium motor bracket – This is own customer design which he used his CNC machine to cut. It uses a clamping mechanism to the trucks so they can be removed relatively easily and use a rotating slot screws to tension the motor. Hes going to make a bracket for my board for me so hopefully I ‘ll have some more pictures for you shortly.
  • HTD 5mm belt
  • Motor: however, he’s been looking at even lower kv motors and maybe a dual mount
  • ESC: 150A Hobbyking 1/8 truck (same as mine, but with he’s added a few more capacitors, you can see them with the extra wire on the bottom)
  • 3d printed battery an ESC case. This one is a prototype hence the velcro to avoid drilling into the board until he finalises the design.

I had a ride of the board and it feels good. Smooth acceleration, the flex of the board feels good and its pretty quiet. Simon tells me that handles most hills without a problem.

Simon said he had an issue with motor timing where the motor jammed up if you tried pulling really hard on the controller.

We had a good chat about potential improvements and some tweaks that Simon’s looking at including potentially using sensored motors to improve smoothness of acceleration and improved braking power.  As well as implementing a dual rear motor system with a slightly shorter motor to give more torque in acceleration and deceleration.

All in all it was good to have a ride of someone elses board (especially one thats working much better than mine), talk about some of the issues that are involved in getting these things to work nicely and chat about some of the interesting design people are coming up with for electric skateboards.

20 responses to “Simon’s eboard

  1. Hi guys, one think I can say for sure that the mount would not last long unless you ride only on the perfect smooth area all the time.

  2. Hey simon would you have any spare bits? Just need the clamp part of your motor mount. Happy to pay. Where do you live, l’m in Geelong.

  3. Guys, i am meeting with a owner of a cnc shop this Saturday. I am pretty close to make something similar to LaGrange but better. It the owner gives me a green light and we agree in the terms I will be able to produce 20 trucks with engine mounts. If anyone is interested contact me at

  4. Hey fellas, cool post and cool you are making DIY boards. I think you should really check our carbon series boards out, its a 2 in 1 design. The street version is a weapon with power, range and ride quality. The AT is something else entirely and will take you anywhere, easily and quickly. Heaps more in the pipe line!

    Good luck with your builds!


  5. Yeah Volts times Amps = 360Wh ! And two 3s 5000Mah is only 110Wh! still Huge to fit on the tiny board box! I got myself 6 lipo 3s 2200mAh will be only 145Wh ! 8$ a pice

  6. Hey guys I have some 42mm x 50mm 270kv motor I want ppl to test for me any one interested email me I’m in Adelaide simon we can do a deal I need a 3d printed battery case for my new PCB/Bms battery plus switch please:)

    All the details are here for the battery’s
    have a look it’s great will be selling the PCB,switch, and charger soon works with your 6s 5000mah 25c battery and lower you can use two battery’s in series if u wants so two 3s or three 2s

  7. is he running them in series or parallel? im trying to pre-completion estimate the distance of my build. 2x3s 5000mAh in series.

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