lipevolcom eBoards

I thought I would highlight a few of the prototypes that one of the readers of this blog has create:


10 responses to “lipevolcom eBoards

  1. I’m waiting for time and few parts ! I already have one NTM 50-50 580kv to test with prop I have 13×6.5 and the power analyzer I need to make a motor mount so I’m done to build one data Chart about how much power the propelled will use! I got cogs coming and one NTM 50-60 270kv but that one I’ll be making one “reverse trike” I also have few Lipo orders on hobby king on hold due to new chipping policies ! Once things comes in I’ll let u guys know what I’m building and show the efficiency side of all my projects

  2. Just did a bench test on the NTM 50-50 580kv the watts goes up to 180w at 12v ! I plan to do speed test with 12v and 24v and collect the Speed I still got to make a proper motor mount for the skateboard ! My guess this will be so much more fun then the older config !

  3. Looks bad but if works out great I’ll sand and paint all black ! I just ant to know if will be alright ! Last time I used this stuff I had to break down with a hammer !

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