e-Go by Yuneec

Saw an interesting board for those  looking to purchase an electric skateboard off the shelf. e-Go by Yuneec. http://e-go.com/

The drive system seems to be a pretty standard 1 wheel drive contruction with a short belt drive and brushless motor.  They’re using a 400watt brushless motor and 7.8mah battery which should get a good distance with ( 3 hours they say). It’s all pretty standard setup apart from the iPhone app planned for the future (but who wants to be holding onto your phone while try to rid something like this.  At $700 the price is reasonable shipping in “March”


It looks like they might at sometime in the future start selling truck and mount assemblies. http://e-go.com/cruiser-parts.html

Having a look at the Yuneec company itself they seem to be a light aircraft company so you have to believe that they have the technical capabilities of delivering on this product. http://yuneec.com/EViva.html

One response to “e-Go by Yuneec

  1. My only disappointment was the climbing power .. but as you know I’m obsessed with climbing power. Currently playing with some of the Alien kit which I bought off someone who sold off their gear. So far it’s only appreciate my own setup more – overall it’s pretty disappointing setup for the actual cost – I guess it’s reasonable for what I paid. We should do a comparison piece on the boards.

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