Enertion Boards

For those looking for motor mounting kits you might want to check out what’s on offer at Enertion Boards

Its a nice clean looking mount construction.

They’er offering single and dual drive mounts. A single drive kit starting from $179 AUD which isn’t badly priced. They attach to the Calibre trucks and Abec 11 flywheel wheels (or cheap version of similar) by the look of the pictures.




My favourite line : beer & electric skateboards don’t mix, but beer tastes awesome!   (Very true….)

enertion_diy_electric_skateboard_propulsion_drive_kit3 enertion boards






4 responses to “Enertion Boards

  1. HEY THANKS FOR POSTING ABOUT MY KIT. I really appreciate it, I’m starting this business up with zero budget for advertising so when people like yourself post my links It really helps!…. & considering I maxed out credit card buying the first batch of stock I can do with the help promoting my website…. Anyways….. so far things have been coming along fairly well… I have sold parts to Germany, Netherlands, South Korea, America, Canada & Australia…. I also had heaps of people wanting me to build them a board outright, I suppose lots of people just don’t have time to do all the research & build a powered eboard…. I got pretty quick at making them now so can whip one up in a day fairly easily!…. So due to all the people asking me to build them complete electric skateboards I’ve started working on the website making to make it possible for people to just buy a complete pre built electric skateboard online & now you can just add it to the cart and hit the pay button! check it out here: http://www.enertionboards.com/buy-pre-built-complete-electric-skateboard/… anyway still needs some work though..I’ve been working with local suppliers to source some quality longboards & wheels….my plan is to make it so people can choose their prefered deck, wheel size & brand, pulley configuration, motor type etc…. so stay tuned!….. ALSO For those people who want an electric skateboard but can’t afford the parts I am running a promo at the moment where you can win a complete DIY electric skateboard kit. CHECK IT OUT HERE: http://www.enertionboards.com/pages/win-enertion-diy-electric-skateboard-kits-giveaway/

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