Marbel kickstarter

Another day and another electric skateboard on kickstarter. So what’s different about this one????

Short answer: Carbon fiber/Kevlar deck. Which makes for a clean design.

And an App (so the must bluetooth or an Arduino in their too)

marbel gif

Visit the kickstarter for more details:

My thoughts.

Nice one wheel drive constructions using Calibre trucks

The motor is a NTM motor that I’ve previously recommended. Maybe  this one by the looks of it. With an added Hall sensor.

Hall sensors is an addition that I’ve been thinking about for a while. You can add them to the outside of a brush-less motor that tells the speed controller exactly where in the roatation that motor is. This means smoother acceleration under load less damage to the motor and speed controller.

You can find them here for $12.

hall sensor

You can see them adding the hall sensor here. (no idea why they opened the motor however)

The mount design is simple and clean.



At the price of $1200 its not cheap but that’s the price these things are selling at. Compared to:

  • eGo- $750
  • Evolve boards $1150
  • Boosted boards are selling at $2000,




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