zboard 2 review

My 2 second review of the Zboard 2…..

Finally Zboard announces a half decent board, Zboard 2, that might be wortwhile riding.

They’re turning their back on the terrible Chinese boards they had (honestly it was a pile of cheap shite they got off Alibaba, they didn’t even try), in favour of some decent components that might make the Zboard 2 worthwhile riding. They said its based on feeback which i can only assume was; why does the Zboard 1 use such shitty boards with rubber wheels and lead acid batteries which weight a ton.

The control style look like fun heaps of fun, and this time they’re backing it up with proper wheels, lipo batteries and brushless motors. While the previous board was a terrible Chinese board which pressure pads to control it, this model look like a nice single motor longboard with the added benefit of pressure pads. A massive improvement in the quality of the board.


At $1200 they definatley not the cheapest single motor Longabord. Well and truly up there with the dual motor boosted boards, or Evolve boards. And far past the $699 single motor e-go bu Yuneec http://e-go.com/#


10 responses to “zboard 2 review

  1. It seems like the best bang for your buck is the e-go. For a board that gives you 30 km in one charge, how can you lose?

  2. only thing with E-go is the speed… from what I’ve seen it looks like one of the slowest… but having said that its does ooze style & there’s the free iPhone app controller that also displays speed, distance travelled etc.. which is a massive + As for Z-Board 2.. I like the style.. even though it does have a more “chunky ” look compared to other long boards on the current market. I guess it’s a hybrid between a traditional skateboard & a longboard. I like the idea of the foot controls but am not sure about how these will perform as being a skater you really like to be able to move your feet about on the board to adjust your weight etc.. For example when you’re cruising sometimes you like to have both feet toward the back of the board… not often but it’s just one of those laid back skater style poses that run with cruizn the streets… One question that I have for Z-Board 2 is … Is it possible to perform a slide.. why ? because having your hands free ( no hand controller ) you’re able to wear gloves and perform hand plant style slides… yes ??? This would be such a massive + for the Z-Board 2 if it is in fact possible..

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