So I created this blog because I want to create my electric skateboard and I couldn’t find any great information on the topic. Hopefully I’m able to provide some information for those wishing to undertake a similar project.

To be honest I’m pretty slow with these things and I’m taking my time butt I’ll keep it up to date with my progress.


Other good blog to check out is: Endless Sphere  http://endless-sphere.com/forums/


ps. If I borrowed your photos when reviewing some of these products let me know and I can take them down.


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  1. Hey bud. Where abouts in Aus are you from? I’m in Wagga Wagga in Southern NSW. I’ve been into RC for a while and I’ve built many planes so I’m fairly familiar with setting up electric power systems.

    I’ve just picked up a cheap Vault Pintail 46 and I’m going to hook it up with electric power. I’ll probably setup a blog too, I’ll send you a link.


  2. Hi

    Very nice blog ! I’ll build one too in a few days, but i wonder how you mount the pulley of the motor? Because youve got one of plastic so you can’t solder it. I’ll use plastic too because i’ll print them with my 3dprinter:)
    I’ll hope for a answer of you !:)

    • If your asking about the small pulley to the motor drive shaft then the middle is aluminum with a small grub screw. You can purchase them for about us$15. Its probably a better idea the printing as something likeca grub screw attachment might be to detailed. And I don’t know if you can tap abs plastic.

  3. Hi over and out, thanks again for the blog, really digging it as I build one on my own! I was wondering, could you create a separate page just for your parts list, ideally with pics and links? Something similar to your ‘about’ page, that’s easy to find on the site, maybe even a google doc if that’s easier to update. I think it would be really helpful as you update parts for those of us trying to follow in your footsteps. Thanks again for putting this up online, this is inspiring stuff! -B

  4. Hey over and out, I am currently a mechanical engineer and I am in a design class where our project is to build an electric skateboard. I had a few questions for you. My project has a budget of 400 dollars, and I was really trying to figure out the motor situation. I am only required to have 500-750 W engine. Do you think it would be better to split the power and use two engines or just one. Also how would you set up your gear train if you were in our situation. Thanks.

    • Two engines is better thsn one. Because your looking for more torque that way you have power going through two wheels. However, two engines with two speed controls is goingvto cost you. You might struggle to get that under your 400.

  5. Hi! Thanks to this page I managed to make my first eboard. After working several months on the controler and learning arduino code I was able to develop my own code and synchronise it with the wii nunchuk, and its awesome! I was thinking that this blog gave me too much, so in a way if anybody wants I can make a videotutorial on how to use the arduino and the nunchuck for the eboard (the thing is that I couldn’t find material online). So thanks for sharing! Let me know if it useful for the blog something like that.

  6. Hi, I finally got my longboard running with a setup similar to what you proposed. I took the 120amp boat controller, and a 213kv motor, and the board runs like hell. I could fix the motor mount with screws to the trucks, very fortunate layout, no welding required. I can send photos if you like. Your blog was extremely helpful, thank you!! Regards, Harry

  7. Hey mate. Check out my latest article. It’s about an all-in-one carbon fiber electric skateboard deck with components cavity. Here’s the link; http://www.enertionboards.com/pages/worlds-first-carbon-fiber-electric-skateboard-deck-designed-for-builders-of-diy-eboards

    If this article is interesting to you Maybe you could write your own article discussing the progression of the DIY eboard industry when compared to the “in-a-box” solutions. The quality gap is slowly closing.

    I think it’s a really interesting topic at them moment.

    Feel free to get in contact with me to discuss further.

    Kind regards Jason.

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