Eboard kits

Motor mount kits

The hardest part of making an electric skateboard is mounting the motor to the trucks. There are a number of methods of doing this. Welding, clamping or pre made kits. The electronics, motor, and drive chain are relitively simple compare to the mounting

These easiest (but not the cheapest) way is to buy a motor mounting kit. So far these guys are pretty much the best option for this:  http://www.aliendrivesystems.com/

They’re kits include the motor mount and the large drive week cog to fit in the Abec 11 wheels. Information about it here

They have all the information you need about using their kits and suggested electronic speed controllers etc here:  http://www.aliendrivesystems.com/whats-required-for-a-diy-build.html

LeGrange Trucks is the other option: They had a failed kick starter project (mainly cause they were overpriced and unlucky timing) and theyre sell off old stock on ebay. your going to need to google this.

http://diyelectricskateboard.com/ ay $225 plus postage for a kit this is a good price considering it includes two paris trucks which are great longboard trucks.


Some other people are working on mounting kit solutions so will be sure to update this.

http://www.enertionboards.com These guys are doing kits to if you care to check them out


5 responses to “Eboard kits

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  2. Hi, my name is Jason I’m from Newcastle NSW, I’ve spent the last 12 months addicted to the subject of electric skateboarding. (THAT’S WHEN I FOUND YOUR AWESOME BLOG, GREAT WORK!! IT HELPED A LOT!) …. then I’ve spent the last 5 or 6 months designing, building & rebuilding my eboards to make them perfect. During this time I learned a lot about what makes a reliable electric skateboard. I also learned that its expensive hobby if you try to take too many shortcuts in terms of build quality… ouch. So far I’ve had to replace $100 Lipo batteries due to impact damage, I’ve had to replace / modify motor mounts due to them snapping or not being strong enough etc…. so anyway long story short I decided to make my own electric skateboard kits to address some of the short falls I discovered using some of the existing motor mount solutions on the market…… so at this point I’ve just finished the prototyping & development stage… so final production version will arrive in a week or so, then some more testing but so far I am really happy with the setup & I think the kits should be popular for aussie eboard builders, let me know what you think of the design…. my website is here: http://enertionboards.com also here is the direct link to the complete DIY electric skateboard kits that I’ve put together http://enertionboards.com/buy-diy-enertion-kits-build-your-own-eboard-electric-skateboard I think these will be the most popular option for people DIY electric skateboards, buying everything in the kit form works out the cheapest & makes it heaps easier for anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much time stuffing around.

  3. Hi its Jason, Founder of EnertionBoards.com I think its fair to say we all share a passions for making high performance electric skateboards at home.

    The reason I am posting is to spread the word about a new forum I created specifically for people to learn how to make their own electric skateboards at home. Because lets face it most of the “off the shelf” stuff is pretty lame. Mostly due to speed and torque limitations.

    So hopefully we can get some more people interested in eboarding & Making stuff at home

    Go check out this new forum

    We are an open and passionate community looking to share knowledge. So please feel free to join in on the conversation, no question is stupid when it comes to learning about how to build an electric skateboards.


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