The board parts

So your keen to make your own electric skateboard. I’m going to split this up into the follow parts:

  • The board
  • The electronics
  • The motor and drive train
  • The motor mount

First you’re going to need a longboard (strangely enough):

Deck:  You can get a longboard deck from any number of places this makes no difference to the electric part of the board but but people will talk about riding styles and flex. See a true longboard blog for indepth discussion.

Wheels – Go for Abec 11 flywheel (or other such flywheels). Why does everyone pick these wheels for eboards? Because they have spoked which means its easier to attach a large drive cog to them and  still be able to rotate/change the wheels for wear.   

Bearings – Once again riders preference but Bones reds are recommended for price and quality:

Bolts and spacers to attach the trucks to the deck

Trucks – Now truck selection is where it gets interesting. This all depends on how you intend to attached the motor…….more on this in other sections. If your using one of the Alien drive systems they use the Holey trucks. If your going for a weld or clamp method of attaching the motor, other trucks are going to work fine.


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