The motor mount

I found this part the most difficult. Basically you need to attach a plate to the truck axel.

There are a couple of options:

I cut out a plate here and here and tries screwing it into the trucks but that didn’t last. I also tries using an expoy to glue it but that didn’t last either.





5 responses to “The motor mount

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  2. I would say (and am hoping) that clamping works on pretty much any truck because:
    a) Most trucks are not perfectly round especially near the middle where you get flanges.
    b) Failing all esle you can drill holes and bore pilot screws to prevent rotation

  3. Hey Guys I need to get some quick moneyknow for another knee reconstruction, so I’m selling my boards in parts or full, the only problem is I don’t have the trucks any more, I still have the mounts but I sold the trucks.

    So for $400 NEG you get a preassembled deck only missing trucks,

    You get:
    Abec 11 wheels worth $60
    Twin ESC 120A worth $200
    2 motors worth $50 each
    Battery worth $50
    BMS and charger worth $50
    Alien full kit with custom rey mounts worth $400
    Deck worth $100
    Alien cases $30
    RC controller $20
    Total savings $600

    If you don’t want to use the rey mounts you can buy just the caliber mounts and a set of trucks or I can send you a set of holey trucks and mount included in

    Gumtree add is including the caliber mount and trucks.

    Thanks guys

  4. I have made couple of the similar to lagrange design trucks which are wider from 6 to 8 inch. I decided to sell my LaGrange Kit that was re-welded all around and tempered to regain full strength. The hanger has threads installed so the bushing plate does not come off from the vibration. I am asking $250 for the rear truck. Contact me at if interested.

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