The motor and pulleys

You want an outrunner brushless motor (they have a tremendous amount of power) once again the best place to start looking is

The number one thing when looking for an outrunner brushless motor is large size motor with the lowest kv motor possible. To get Revolutions per minute you multiple the kv by the volts to the motor. You want a kv below 300kv but preferably below 200kv. Why? Your looking for torque/power not high speed. you can always gear it higher to get more speed but you can make a high kv motor perform better at low speeds. When you think about it you way much more than the average RC car.

Here are some that will work.

How do you calculate the speed of your eboard:

Don’t go aiming for a low top speed cause you’re going to spend most of your time going from 0 -15kph.

**Buy the lowest kv motor you can afford**

The Pulleys & Belts

For belts and pulleys I’ve found this to be the best website to purchase online if a little slow in delivery. 

Belts: For belts most people choose a HTD 5mm teeth belts either 9mm or 12 mm wide. This type of belt are designed to withstand some load.

Small pulley: The motors above have a 8mm bore. So figure out how many teeth you will need use the speed calculator above but 15 teeth should be good. e.g:

  • Part Number: A 6Z25M015DF0908
  • 5 mm (HTD) Pitch,15 Teeth, 8mm Bore, Aluminum Insert, Polycarbonate Timing Pulley for 9mm Wide Belt

Large pulley: This needs to attach to the wheels. You can pick yourself a pre-made piece from Alien power systems or you can purchase a large pulley and fix it to the wheel. To do this I used large bolts that threaded throught the cogs of the Abec 11 wheels. Once again use the speed calcualtor above to figure out whats best. Aim for a low speed. Honestly….I cant stress buying a low kv motor and aiming for a lowish top speed enough.

or your can buy a plastic one here: 



26 responses to “The motor and pulleys

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  2. I was wondering if i get 2 of these motors
    What kind and how many batteries are required to power the board for about 5 miles?
    Also what would be the maximum speed if i used the abec 11, 76mm wheels?
    Also for the batteries, what type of charger would i use to power it? I would really appreciate it if u could give me links to hobbyking and, just saying, I am a beginner at all of this, so please forgive me for the nooby questions.

    • 15t is the smallest they make for the motor so that is a starting point.vthen it depends on if your going to make or buy the wheel cog. The more teeth you have touching the belt st one time the more traction the cog has on the belt but the flip side is its more load on the motor. I’ve got a 2:1 but 15/30. It would be better if the 30 was larger but it was a premade part by someone else.

  3. The thing i’m worried about is that a 2: 1 ratio will not have enough torque, so the motor would burn out when climbing steep hills.

    • If you can get a larger wheel cog than 30teeth then go for it. I think 30 is too small too On 08/05/2014 8:26 AM, “How to make an electric skateboard” wrote:


  4. I have an Evolve board and want to fit larger batteries, hight amps.
    Is it possible to fit 44v batteries to a motor rated for 36v and 500watts?

  5. hey!
    cool site, I find it really useful. but could you please tell me what the difference between a double and single drive is (one or two motors)? and something else: will my board eviate wen I have a single motor?

  6. I am also making a board and dont know where to buy a large gear. My small gear XL Type 8mm Bore 11mm Width 16-Tooth Synchronous Timing Belt Pulley and my belt HTD 5M-1050 Speed Control 210 Teeth 5mm Pitch 11mm Width Timing Belt.

  7. I have ordered a 236 kv motor, my wheels are 82mm diameter and the wheel side pulley has 60 teeth. I cannot change the wheel pulley for various reasons. What size motor pulley would you recommend? I have not got a clue and have come to a stop in my build. The old one had 16 teeth with a basic 100w brushed Chinese motor as an afternoon experiment and was sloooooow……

  8. Thanks, been using that. So what is a sensible speed to aim for? Will a bigger motor cog slow acceleration?

    • 25km/ph feels very fast. Cog size is all about ratios. However having a large back cog isn’t a bad thing. It means you can have a larger motor pulley which means more surface area in contact with the pulley at one time

  9. I just made a new video about choosing the best electric skateboard motors, When i first started building electric skateboards I always wanted to know what was the difference between the different Brushless outrunner motors on the market. After the last 12 months of testing i realized there are some things that make motors good & some thing that make them not so good… watch the video to learn more about what makes a good electric skateboard motor:

  10. I want to build an electric skateboard that can get at least 35 miles an hour. I was told I need to get a boat motor with a higher KV, like 300 or 400 KV is this correct?

  11. Interested in a low slow moving board for cruising flat ground. Considering a large board maybe 3-4x usual size. I imagine I will need wider axles and will go with the belt drive. For 240lbs or less total weight. I guess lower KV and a single motor for economy. Living in hot environment so thinking about engine durability and battery temperatures as well. Any advice appreciated. Noob btw 🙂

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